I studied BA Visual Arts at Academie of Arts Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands and Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland and i live and work in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Artist statement

I work as a visual artist with a big heart for film & photography. Where analogue meets digital and with a poetic view of the world. Revitalising cinematic history by processing existing historical visual material into a new image or
film performance in an entirely new context.

Although the work sometimes literally complements each other, I work as a film editor, (co)director and I love to search in image archives for film footage.

Coordinating, organizing & connecting

Over twenty years of experience in the creative industry as a coordinator and project leader in the professional art world enabled me to work with inspiring artists and organizations and develop new projects and exhibitions within the creative industry. With this experience I can also think along with projects in terms of content. Coordinating, organizing and connecting is my natural flow. 


On a case by case basis I am available as a freelance project leader or coordinator.